"Shhhh.....Can you hear it?" An orange cat laid her ear on the grass. "It's trying to say something..." She always believed that the grass could talk. And the trees, and rocks, and pretty much anything that has to do with nature. "It says..."  Her sister, Icepaw, was the same. " suck..." she said, looking at a white and grey she-cat in the corner of her eye. The she-cat walked over to a tree, and put her ear to it. "This tree...It's saying something to me..." Though these two just met, they have already succeeded in annoying each other to death.

"It's saying..." They were both very weird cats, and that's for sure. "That...I don't care." The she-cat removed her head from the tree. "Pffft, who are the magic ones here?" Flamepaw asked. "Everyoneeee!" Snowcloud said, falling over. "Uhh, no, it's me and Icepaw..." Icepaw, having been trying to block out the conversation, was talking to a pile of rocks. "Well yeah but, everyone is magical." Snowcloud said getting up. Snowcloud, for a warrior, was actually pretty childish.

Maybe it's just genetics to her sister, or maybe LMX just wanted a spazzy OC. "Yeah, but only me and Icepaw can actually speak to the trees, and the sky, and the nature." Flamepaw said. "WELL...WELL..YOU HAVE TUNA BREATH!" Snowcloud said, turning around to run away. But as soon as she did so, she faceplanted into a tree and fell over.  Flamepaw facepawed. "Idiot..." she said, staring at the childish cat before her.

Yaaay it's a story.

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