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Name: Experiment 423.1, a.k.a Invader ŁîM.
Homeworld: Irk
Height: 4' 10"
Age: Unknown— But she was around to see Tallest Miyuki reign.
Rank: Invader, Friend of the Tallest.
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Cyan/White, Brown (Disguise)
Weapons: PAK: Spider legs, lasers, emergency vacuum-pack MegaDoomer Machine, Mind Control Implant (much like Tak's)
SIR Unit: YuMi
Number of planets conquered: 63
Affiliation(s): Irken Empire, Operation Impending Doom, Operation Impending Doom II, I.R.A
Why she is Recognisable: for building an army of SIR units from scratch, for taking over the most planets in Impending Doom 1, for being the only Irken with blue eyes.

Invader ŁîM is a friend of the Almighty Tallest, until she decides to join the I.R.A. She is friends with Miz, Zim (sorta), and Tak. In Zim, Alien. (her debut), she was staying on Meekrob with Miz, even though the Tallest didn't know Miz was there, nor was ŁîM going to tell them. She travels with Miz to Earth to find Zim. In The Irken Survival Experiment, she is in Team 3 with Skoodge and Zor. In Zim, Alien., it is revealed she is an experiment of the Vortian Scientists (like Gaz and Dib are experiments of Professor Membrane), and doesn't have parents.


ŁîM has Cyan eyes, a turquoise and cyan Irken Military uniform, Circular-Curled Antennae, and short eyelashes.
She is the only Irken with cyan/blue/white eyes. Her eyes turn white when she's pleased or angry. Later, her eyes turn white and don't reverse, leaving her as the only Irken with white eyes. She then changes her uniform to a white one.

In her human state, she has shoulder-length wavy-ish brunette hair, and brown eyes.



Zim hates her for blaming him about destroying Irk, while he continually protests it was "Her fault".


She doesn't like Dib as much as Zim doesn't like Dib. She pretends to be interested in everything he says, specifically to survey his behaviour.


She is somewhat friends with Gaz, because once Gaz went to her base with Dib, and was interested in ŁîM's ‘Wall of Weapons’.


She is friends with Miz. She let Miz stay with her on Meekrob and find Zim. She tries to bail Miz out of Irken Slavery. ("Zim, Alien.")


Experiment 723.1, a.k.a Invader Kol, was ŁîM's best friend and sister when they were younger. They weren't cloned of the same Irkens, so they weren't biological sisters, but they were created together. Kol was the one who told ŁîM they were experiments of the Vortian scientists and had no parents.


Zim, Alien. (Debut)

The Irken Survival Experiment